Well, there’s snow on the ground in Enfield this morning but wasn’t it a great, gorgeous couple of days of Spring we had? Don’t worry, Spring will circle back again and stick with us soon enough!

Enfield Marathon Miles

At Enfield school Spring means RUN! We’re gearing up for our annual Enfield Marathon Miles Challenge for every Enfield student. Enfield students in grades 2-5 will begin running on the school track with a goal of getting to 26.2 miles. Pre-K-1st will have a half- marathon (13.1) goal! We will run every week with our classes. Our FINAL MILE is a whole-community celebration in June where we cheer each other on as we cross the finish line. Please join us on March 29th for a special Friday Celebration kickoff from 8-8:30 in the gym.

Ms.Kathleen and a student pose with finisher medals

Can Drive

In other PTA News we are in full swing with our Spring Can Drive! We’ve partnered with IthaCan and Bottle Return to raise funds. We need your help! Can you post a flyer, share about it on social media, or ask friends and family to donate their cans and bottles? IthaCan is making it easy for hus by sorting and counting everything for us and offering us $.06/can! We just have to drop it off. And the PTA president has offered to do pickups until Spring break, too! Call or text: 607-342-3037 for pickup.

Coming up:

  • Friday March 22nd: Friday Celebration
  • Friday March 29th Friday Celebration: Marathon Miles kickoff
  • April 1st PTA meeting
We’re rounding out the second half of March! Here’s the latest PTA news.

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