Hello Enfield families!

Here are some details for the Winter Breakfast. First, families are being asked to bring in donations to help us with the breakfast by Wednesday morning. No stress about this, but if you’re able to, donations requests by grade are:

PreK-3rd grade- one bag of mini bagels

4th & 5th grade- one can of orange juice

PTA is then buying the rest of what we need (eggs, sausage, cream cheese, creamer, etc.) and with all of our efforts combined, we will have a good meal together! THANK YOU for your help!


Here’s the schedule for the morning:

8:00       PreK

8:20       Kindergarten

8:40       1st

9:00       Second Grade

9:20       Third Grade

9:40       Fourth Grade

10:00     Fifth Grade

These times are approximate, so please be flexible with us as we move lots of people through the breakfast line!

After the breakfast we’ll have a normal school day, and students will go home at the usual time. Then we all take our long break until January 2nd. See you then!


PS – SAVE the DATE: we don’t have a regular PTA meeting in January, but we do have a plan to come together and discuss the big bond project proposal on Monday January 7th. Lets make sure Enfield voices are heard as the district considers spending a bunch of new money to make our schools better.

PPS – At our February meeting we will have an honest soul-searching conversation about how we’re doing this year. A year ago we had some big conversations followed by some big changes. Are we headed in the right direction? What are we not paying enough attention to? What is going great? We really hope you can come for this one! If you want to get together beforehand to chat about this, please reach out.

Getting Ready for the Winter Breakfast

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