Hello Enfield families! Can you believe we’re halfway through the last month of the year? We’ve had a good solid dose of wintery weather to help get us in the mood for our upcoming break. But before our week off, we have some cool things coming up at school!

First, don’t forget that every Wednesday morning our students have the opportunity to build their savings by putting money in their account through the Alternatives Student Credit Union. If they forgot their change we have a jar of quarters they can use to help make savings a habit!

Second, this Friday is an Enfield Friday Celebration. Featuring our 4th grade sharing the work they have been doing with the Hangar Theater! 

Then lets turn our attention to one of the sweetest events of the year: the Enfield Winter Breakfast with families on Friday December 21st. PTA sponsors this event and we transform the cafeteria into a beautiful inviting space and we all enjoy a meal with our class. More information coming soon.

ALSO, please note it is time to sign up for Sunrays program for 3rd-5th grade families.

Friday Celebration, Winter Breakfast

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