Have you seen it? SNOW on the ground in Enfield before Halloween! Some of us are rejoicing and some of us… well… aren’t. For Enfield parents it means a whole new level difficulty getting kids out the door in the morning. At our house it’s lost mittens, forgotten hats, an extra level of chill in the air that might beg us to stay in bed a few minutes longer.

Nonetheless, we’ve got great stuff to look forward to at Enfield this week!

Wednesday is Alternatives Student Credit Union day. Students are invited to set up account and begin making deposits of any amount on Wednesday mornings right before class. There are student credit unions in many of the elementary schools in the area.

Wednesday is also Lego Night in the library! Thanks to our leader Mason Sopchak and the supporting papas Eric and Josh. It’s not too late to join!

Friday is an all-school celebration in the gym from 8-8:30. These have been great with different kids and classrooms presenting and last time Mr.H dressed up as Pete the Cat. We highly recommend coming if you can!

Friday morning PTA will also be out with treats for staff in the morning. We have volunteers baking and cooking and we’re excited to be able to come share treats and chat about Enfield and strengthening our community.

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Snow, Savings and Celebrations.

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