Tips for using the listserv

  • We use Google groups to manage our list.
  • To Subscribe, click here or send a message to enfieldpta+subscribe(at)googlegroups(dot)com
  • To post, simply send your information in an email to the list, that is, send it to enfieldpta(at)googlegroups(dot)com. You must be a member to post to the list. 
  • The list will not accept attachments.  If you need to circulate a flyer, send a copy to one of the group managers who will post it for you. This will cut down on the possibility of spreading spam and viruses. 
  • Suggest to others that they join the list. 
  • Sign yourself off if you decide you no longer wish to receive messages from the list.  You can unsubscribe by clicking here or sending a message to enfieldpta+unsubscribe(at)googlegroups(dot)com

Useful notes about Google Groups:

You do not need a Google Mail (or gmail) address to access Google Groups (including posting to the list), but you do need to sign in to Google Groups to set your mail delivery preferences if you want to receive mail in any way other than "as they are posted". 

To set up a Google account using your own email, you can visit and under "username" select "I prefer to use my current email address" (make sure to use the one associated with this group). 

Once you have verified that address (Google will send a message to that address; simply click it and return to the group), you can sign into Google Groups ( set your delivery options (see the drop down for "my settings"):
  • all mail (every message as it is sent); daily summary (one message per day, although messages are abridged); 
  • combined updates (one message for every 25 messages sent to the list or one per day, whichever comes first; complete messages this way); or 
  • no messages (you will have to access content via Google Groups website).