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Important News on School Funding

posted Mar 25, 2015, 8:15 AM by Enfield Elementary PTA   [ updated Mar 25, 2015, 8:25 AM ]
The following is from Corinne Frantz, Region Director for the South Central Region PTA, and Ann Reichlin, a parent from the Ithaca City School District:

Dear PTA Unit Members & Local Community Members: (Please forward, and forgive some redundancy in recipients):

We are in the final days of the budget decision in Albany. The Legislature will be in session today through Thursday, and again on Monday and Tuesday, leading to Albany's approval of the State budget on Tuesday, March 31st.   This is so important!!!  I am reaching out to you as a fellow PTA member, a fellow parent and a fellow taxpayer.  This is part of a local advocacy initiative within the Ithaca City School District & Community, within the NYS PTA South Central Region.


Send DAILY EMAILS through March 31st 
Use NYS PTA CAP-WIZ at (see below), and send the same daily email to the Governor himself and the key legislators making the final decision in Albany, using the direct contacts below! (copy and paste as needed).

NYS PTA asks: "Should the future of education in New York State be shaped by - a Governor and State Legislature or by a Board of Regents and locally elected Boards of Education in more than 700 school districts across the state?" [see PTA Position Letter Link below]

Please write and call Albany now with a short sentence to express your position.  The contacts are all laid out for you below - take any part of the 10 points below that best express your views, or simply answer the question above in your emails.

(1) ask Albany to adequately fund public school education for all our children - adopt the $1.9 billion state aid proposal!
(2) say "Yes" to fair funding of public schools and end the $1 billion Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA)
(3) say "yes" to an accelerated phase-in of $4.7 billion in Foundation Aid due in 2011!
 (4) say "No" to the Governor's attempt to hold public school funding hostage to bad policy "reforms" - 
(4) say "No" to State Take-Over of Public Schools
(6) say "No" to increasing the number of Charter Schools which take public education dollars away from public schools for all children and doesnot fix struggling schools.
(7) say "No" to 50% of Teachers Evaluations based on Standardized Tests, and 35% on outside observers.
(8) say "No"  to the Education Tax Credit Bill which operates as a back-door voucher system
(9) say "No" to turning the automatic STAR Savings Program on local property taxes into an income tax rebate program for which taxpayers must file a tax return to receive.
(10) say "No" to the current 60% super-majority vote required to exceed the 2% local property tax cap.  

Albany politicians are discussing the budget this week.They need to hear from us today. Please forward.

Governor Cuomo:  1-518-474-8390  Please note that the governor's email comment submission form is still not working. One can leave a message on the comment line and the comments will get counted up at the end of the day. 

Leaders who will be negotiating with the governor
Speaker of the Assembly, Carl Heasie:

Leader who has been excluded from the budget negotiations:
Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins represents the democrats in the state senate. Rather than invite her into the negotiations, the governor has invited Senator Klein who only represents a handful of members. 

State elected leaders who represent most of the ICSD area
Senator Thomas O'Mara:

Leaders for some parts of ICSD area: 
Senator James Seward

For other election district state legislators throughout New York State:  Go to "Advocacy", and "Take Action with NYS PTA CapWiz", then:  "Funding our Schools" and "Assessing Student and Teacher Performance."

Thank you for joining me in this local advocacy initiative on behalf of all of our public schools in New York State, 

Corinne Frantz, Region Director
South Central PTA Region


Ann Reichlin