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Happy New Year!

Hello Enfield Elementary School!

A couple things coming up this month that we want to make sure you are tuned in to.

First, *every Wednesday* our students can build savings with the Alternatives Student Credit Union. There’s even a bowl of quarters they can use if they forget their deposit at home. Lets make 2019 a year of savings habits!

January 4th Friday Celebration 8-8:30am

January 7th 5:30 pm Capital Project Conversation.  

January 18th Friday Celebration 8-8:30am

January 21st NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King Jr., Day

January 26th: Our Jr. First Lego team goes to the Cornell Expo!


In other news, our friends at IPEI wanted to make sure we were celebrating our innovative teachers who received IPEI grants this Fall!

Sparking STEM Curiosity with the Physics Bus. Kristin Herman

STEM Innovations and Explorations. Mariah Prentiss

A Cultural Walk around the World through our Senses Taura McMeekin

also, earlier this fall, all Enfield students participated in an IPEI-funded Connecting Classrooms Grant: Story Teller Perry Ground’s visit to the ICSD.

The next grant deadline is January 9th. PTA wants to help get grants written, please reach out with your ideas!



What does the 2019 Capital Project mean for Enfield?

In May we will vote on the proposed Capital Improvement Project which is meant to update and improve our schools over ten years. Throughout the district there are needs with our school buildings and some ideas for making them safer and fixed up. We have scheduled a time for us to learn more about this $120M project and what it means for Enfield.

Here is lots more information on the project: ICSD 2019 Capital Project

Please join the conversation Monday, January 7th @ 6pm. Thank you!

Thank you, and have a great safe break!

It is truly a joyful experience to have so many Enfield families together on the last day before our break. Thanks to our awesome staff and volunteers we had a great time! We had a family photo booth, breakfast for everyone, music by our students, and gifts and joy all around the building! If you have photos, please share them!

Getting Ready for the Winter Breakfast

Hello Enfield families!

Here are some details for the Winter Breakfast. First, families are being asked to bring in donations to help us with the breakfast by Wednesday morning. No stress about this, but if you’re able to, donations requests by grade are:

PreK-3rd grade- one bag of mini bagels

4th & 5th grade- one can of orange juice

PTA is then buying the rest of what we need (eggs, sausage, cream cheese, creamer, etc.) and with all of our efforts combined, we will have a good meal together! THANK YOU for your help!


Here’s the schedule for the morning:

8:00       PreK

8:20       Kindergarten

8:40       1st

9:00       Second Grade

9:20       Third Grade

9:40       Fourth Grade

10:00     Fifth Grade

These times are approximate, so please be flexible with us as we move lots of people through the breakfast line!

After the breakfast we’ll have a normal school day, and students will go home at the usual time. Then we all take our long break until January 2nd. See you then!


PS – SAVE the DATE: we don’t have a regular PTA meeting in January, but we do have a plan to come together and discuss the big bond project proposal on Monday January 7th. Lets make sure Enfield voices are heard as the district considers spending a bunch of new money to make our schools better.

PPS – At our February meeting we will have an honest soul-searching conversation about how we’re doing this year. A year ago we had some big conversations followed by some big changes. Are we headed in the right direction? What are we not paying enough attention to? What is going great? We really hope you can come for this one! If you want to get together beforehand to chat about this, please reach out.

Friday Celebration, Winter Breakfast

Hello Enfield families! Can you believe we’re halfway through the last month of the year? We’ve had a good solid dose of wintery weather to help get us in the mood for our upcoming break. But before our week off, we have some cool things coming up at school!

First, don’t forget that every Wednesday morning our students have the opportunity to build their savings by putting money in their account through the Alternatives Student Credit Union. If they forgot their change we have a jar of quarters they can use to help make savings a habit!

Second, this Friday is an Enfield Friday Celebration. Featuring our 4th grade sharing the work they have been doing with the Hangar Theater! 

Then lets turn our attention to one of the sweetest events of the year: the Enfield Winter Breakfast with families on Friday December 21st. PTA sponsors this event and we transform the cafeteria into a beautiful inviting space and we all enjoy a meal with our class. More information coming soon.

ALSO, please note it is time to sign up for Sunrays program for 3rd-5th grade families.

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